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    Little fun from my computer. 3D world creativity. A few videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7LjhbLWLrl0 Lorna Byrne https://youtu.be/-XqCptb3w7c A fountain https://youtu.be/qIM5AGwRzFU MedicalMedium Instagram Thank you for visiting

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    Photo Art

    Photo Art for me is using my own photographs and play with them in my PSP program [PaintShopPro]. It is much fun to do, this is just a few I made, click on…

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    When I first started my art career in 2014, after retiring as photographer, I want to try any kind of artistisc areas to find my own style. That has not happened yet. I…

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    Welcome to Coffee Break. As the blog name says this is my Coffee Break where I upload some of my art pieces that do not belong to my other blogs.. I played with…

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